7 Things That Aid In Weight Loss

In life we learn by trial and error and with me seeing customers day in and day out I have the honor of learning from all of them. Now keep in mind all have different body types but with all these interactions there are certain things that aid in weight loss and I think….wait I will say I know most of us don’t even realize it.

These things add up and can mean the difference of achieving your goal and losing that mindset you have for meeting your goal.

As many of you hear me say now mindset is everything when it comes to achieving a fitness goal. Reaching our goal of becoming fit, growing mass, losing weight or just becoming healthy overall is not a challenge of our physical strength but a challenge of our mental strength.

Here is a short list of 7 items that will aid in weight loss and can make a huge difference.

1. Positive Mindset

Now having a positive mindset is not just something I am suggesting it is scientifically proven by having a positive mind you will be more likely to lose weight and keep it off. Keeping your mind positive will aid in weight loss but will also transfer into your personal life as well which has a profound affect on how you look at things. (Having a negative mindset will only bring negative things into your life and stress which we know creates that belly fat producing hormone, cortisol read more here).

Keep your mind clean;


2. Changing Your Perspective (How You Look At Your Goals)

Say your weight loss goal is 3o pounds looking at it that way may seem like it will take forever and most when they view it that way never even start. So look at your goal differently (perspective). In the case of 30 pounds now look at it like this you need to lose 3 pounds 10 times. You see by having much smaller wins it is so much easier to win and celebrate the little milestones that add up to the big one! You can break it up however you want the point is to change your perspective and make more achievable smaller goals.

What does this picture do for you?


3. Prepare Your Fridge

If your fridge and pantry are stocked with only fruits and vegetables you already are staging yourself for success. Just make sure you integrate variety because we all know variety is the spice of life so why not stock up on kale, asparagus, broccoli or just all those healthy green options. You will be sure to eat more veggies this way and if you are in a rush you can always ask for the green beast smoothie at Pumpd Nutrition. This is an investment in your health because some of you say its more expensive to eat healthier. I like to respond to that with you either pay a little bit more now or pay a lot more later on prescription drugs.

4. Strip Your Pantry

The pantry is where I had most of my issues even growing up I remember my mom stocking Doritos, Oreo Cookies, Chips Ahoy, Crackers you name it if it was a sweet or junk food we had it. Oh wait….almost forgot one of my favorites that were in there were those nutty buddy (its like chocolate and peanut butter) bars comes two in a pack they still sell them at Walmart soooo good. Strip all of these goodies out if you have them and stock things like quinoa, brown rice, lentils, oatmeal, almond butter, rice cakes and things that are going to be good for your health.

5. Wear Your Gym Gear More Often

Have you ever heard from a friend or mentor say to you. “Dress for the job you want not the job you have.” Well let’s take that same mindset and apply it here for weight loss so we can start slowly making this a fit lifestyle. You are going to start dressing for the body you want and you will feel motivated in your workout clothes and you will get your butt in gear to achieve these results!

As you see even the famous know once your in the gear you will sweat at some point, gotta pay your dues…


6. Cup of Soup Before…

Studies have proven that people that eat a cup of soup before their main dish end up eating less. So by eating less your are taking in less calories wooohoooo ultimately helping reach our goal of weight loss. I didn’t need a study to tell me a cup of soup would make me eat less there is no way I can eat soup, then a meal and then dessert but without soup I would be able to. Just try to stay away from the cream based soups stick to vegetable soups those are lower in fat and calories.

7. Pick up The Music

Listening to music with a higher BPM (beats per minute) will slowly make your body move faster with the music. So pick up the pace and add the right tunes try listening by downloading the Pumpd Nutrition Phone App which is now available for iPhone and Android. There is a few hot EDM tracks on there that will get you moving!!

These things implemented into your daily life will help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals. I would love to hear any other tips you all do so I can feature them in a future post.

Well my friends time for me to go mix up my green beast (packed with all my nutrients and green veggies)!

Claudia Carrera

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