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    Pumpd Blog — Clean Eating

    OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

    This will change the way you handle avocados forever! See tool here in action…   Split, pit, slice and scoop avocados safely and effectively with the oxo good grips 3-in-1 avocado tool. The plastic blade easily cuts through the skin and fruit of the avocado, without being sharp to the touch. The pitting tool allows […]

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    The Flexible Dieting Cookbook

    The Flexible Dieting Cookbook Frustrated with your diet? Sick of eating the same bland food? Each recipe states the number of calories, with a macro-nutrient breakdown into Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. This is far more than just a recipe book, this book will explain how you tracking your macro-nutrients while eating these delicious meals will […]

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    Best Scale for IIFYM

    I’m going to preface this post by saying I am not a professional anything this is all new to me and do use some help from a coach. If you have advice for me I’d love to hear it – just leave me a comment or email me at   IIFYM – If It […]

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    Almond Milk For Fitness Demystified


    We all know good old fashioned milk can do us all the world of good but did you know? There is another type of milk actually much more beneficial in terms or properties? It may be a bit harder to find in the supermarket but well worth looking for a variety of great reasons.

    It also tastes great! Well in this feature you’ll discover a lot more so read on and be prepared for some surprises along the way thanks to almond milk!

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