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    Valentine Workout – Hot Couples Workout or Helps How To Get A Valentine Date

    Valentine Workout Plan Below

    Ok we have thirteen days left until Valentine’s Day and some of you still have no Valentines but I have couple tips in this post that can help those of you asking How to get a valentine date because this is clever!! You can thank me later.

    Now those of you that have a Valentine already I’ve got some workouts that can be done together to make it a hot couples workout for the day!

    I don’t know about many of you but on days I don’t work out I just don’t feel as pumpd its like my mood isn’t the same so I workout regardless (more like an active rest day).

    Below you will see seven workouts that you and a partner can do to feel great and burn off some energy but more importantly some calories in case your trying some of my keep it sexy dessert recipes (stay tuned will drop it this week).

    Now for those of you that still haven’t ask someone to be your Valentine’s listen up because this will work. Here’s the scenario my friend…..

    So you’ve been checking out this person that you would love to ask out for Valentines but just haven’t had the courage and more so just didn’t know exactly how to do it.

    First read my workouts below then read my solution below so it all makes sense, trust me……

    Love needs our time, attention and effort and so why not do like most power couples do and workout together it increases the bond between two people, the trust and health.

    By showing your partner you are committed to fitness and involving them you are taking your Valentine’s Day to the next level you just better have some of those desserts I tipped you on and some bubbly hiding around for later, enjoy! —– valentine workout —–

    1. Valentine Triathlon —– valentine workout —–

    Ok start your day off by heading the gym together for a swim usually very early in the morning the pool is not and warm then head outdoors for a 5 mile bike ride and ending with a 2 mile jog but more at a slower pace to enjoy some conversation and hear the birds chirping such a beautiful experience living in the now. Keep in mind a couple that works out together has better chemistry, energy and better health so pick three activities to formulate your own triathlon if these are not your cup of tea.

    2. Valentine’s Boot-camp —– Hot Couples Workout —–

    OK maybe because I love being creative I find this one very fun! Create a small Valentine boot-camp style setup with rose petals around your mini course or décor to your liking. The style here for kissing burpees at the end of each set of 10 you kiss, 90 second wall squats and kiss for 20 seconds afterwards (remember these from the P90x days!!!), and once you have a few of you calisthenics out of the way end with a 2 mile jog. Enjoy each other have fun and take action!

    3. V-Day Bowling —- How to get a Valentine Date —-

    Google where you nearest bowling alley is and invite your significant other to a bowling game. As many of you know if you keep the game active and going you can work up a little light cardio with this game and that heavy bowling ball! At the end of each round show some small sign of affection for the romantic holiday. If your not wanting to leave the house and you have a Nintendo Wii then try the tennis or bowling game it is sure to keep you moving right along.

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