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    Effects of Lifting Tempo for Hypertrophy or Strength?


    To continue to grow, your muscles need to be challenged in different ways. One way to vary the stimulus you place on a muscle is to change the “lifting tempo,” or the speed with which you do a rep. You’re probably familiar with super-slow training where you reduce the speed or tempo of a rep to maximize the time the muscle is under tension. At the other end of the spectrum, you can increase the speed and make the movement faster and more explosive, thereby stimulating the muscle in a different way. What role does rep speed play in muscle gains and is one rep speed more effective than another?

    What Rep Tempo is Best for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy?

    According to one small study, fast rep speeds may be more effective for building strength than slow reps. In this study a group of young males did 4 sets of bench press, completing 12 reps with each set. One group used a fast rep tempo, completing each rep in 1.5 seconds, while the other used a slow rep speed, finishing a rep in 6 seconds. At the completion of the study, researchers measured one-rep max on the bench press exercise and compared them to values measured before training. How did they fare? Participants who used a fast rep tempo experienced greater strength gains than those who used a slow one – not surprising since a fast rep tempo maximizes recruitment of fast-twitch fibers, those optimized for strength and power.

    What about muscle hypertrophy? What’s most important for muscle growth is exposing muscles to progressive overload AND maximizing time under tension. With high-velocity reps, your muscles spend less total time under tension compared to when you slow down the speed of your reps. Because you’re moving the weight quickly and using more momentum, you can use more resistance. This is beneficial for developing strength, but it also comes with a price – less time under tension due to the speed of the movement. For this reason, a fast rep speed works well for developing strength and for increasing power – but slow rep speeds are better for muscle hypertrophy.

     Varying the Rep Speed

    As you might have guessed, there isn’t a right or wrong rep speed. The rep speed you use will depend upon your short-term and long-term goals. If your primary goal is to become stronger, become more powerful or improve your performance in sports that involve power, fast rep speeds will help you accomplish that. If muscle hypertrophy is your main goal, average rep speed and super-slow training maximizes the time your muscles spend under tension, giving your muscles a strong stimulus to grow. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between the two. Alternating rep speeds, by doing slow reps during one training cycle and fast, explosive reps during another cycle, will help you avoid a plateau.

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    Squeem – Shape Your Waist For No More Muffin Tops

    Corsets and Squeems are two interesting tools used by many male and female physique competitors throughout the fitness industry. Many of you that have been in the industry for some time may have been some part of the whispers in the locker rooms. These whispers were more so about what they were for, where to […]

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    Ready, Set, Row!


    Looking for a cardio workout that will drip the fat off and that will also change it up from the boring treadmill or elliptical?

    Why Rowing?

    Rowing is an all-over body workout because it’s cardio that utilizes your back, core and arms, says Claudia.

    “[Rowing is] obviously excellent for cardio and you use, in order, your legs and then your back and then your arms. So there are other sports that are good [for fitness], but they usually focus on one or two body parts as opposed to all of them,” says Claudia.

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    In fact, rowing is not only a good workout for those who want to get in shape, it can also increase an athlete’s performance in other sports. “A lot of colleges are now having basketball teams sit on rowing machines to teach them body discipline,” says Claudia.

    Another positive aspect of rowing is that it increases core strength. It also increases flexibility, balance, and can even be used in rehab for an injured shoulder or back. “I think it’s great, and you can do it forever,” says Claudia. “Once you learn how to row, you can do it when you’re 90.”

    Prepare to Row

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    Best Exercises To Lose Weight – Here Are 8 That Burn 800 Calories In One Hour Or Less

    Best Exercises To Lose Weight – 8 Exercises To Burn 800 Calories In One Hour Or Less

    We have busy lifestyles and sometimes when we allocate time for working out we need to ensure we maximize our calories burn as much as possible. So here in this post I am going to cover how to do 8 exercises that will burn 800 calories in 1 hour or less (learn how to eat healthy while living a busy lifestyle).

    Yeahhhhh baby that’s a lot of calories so listen up you won’t have to do cardio as often if you are hitting it right with one of these 8 because these are the best exercises to lose weight guaranteed.

    I know many of you have limited time and want to balance life because unless your a professional athlete no one wants to spend hours a day at the gym. However, I know most of us just want to lose a few pounds so we can fit into those jeans we bought two years ago or fit better into these jeans that are starting to tighten up around the waist.

    We all know by now to drop those stubborn fat pounds we need to burn those darn excess calories that we have hanging around our midsection or love handles. Some of us girls even have them on the back of our arms or inside our thighs…….hmm imagine that. Our bodies store excess calories as fat (just a small note if your eating sugary cereal, drinking soda, eating fried foods I can guarantee you that you will be storing more fat) when we go over our BMR so if you do not know what your daily basal metabolic rate is please check out the calculator and start there so you know how many calories you should be taking in daily.

    Now for those that may have thought you can do spot reduction let me tell you that is not how it works you cannot do a thousand situps and expect to only lose fat in your belly. Everyone is different and will lose fat in different places and at different rates so just ensure you are maximizing your caloric burn during each workout.

    These following 8 exercises (in an hour or less) are the best at maximizing that caloric burn and trust me using the elliptical machine to burn 800 calories is NOT one of them. If you tried that you would probably be there until tonight trying to reach 800 calories. Still with me?

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