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    Fat Loss Troubleshoot Session: Shredding Guide

    Fat Loss Troubleshoot Session: Shredding Guide

     So we know everyone wants to get from ripped to shredded at some point in their fitness journey but some never make it. As summer gets closer and closer you can hear all the fitness enthusiasts talk about their diets, what their dialing in and how they plan on trying to shred. You can see the excitement from so many people pumpd to start their new plans.

    I am laughing because this is actually a very common scene because I know some readers are saying I’ve never heard this. However, after a few weeks to a month most find themselves getting discouraged or frustrated because what they originally planned for is not panning out how they envisioned. They started cutting some weight but then quickly found themselves feeling like their walking through quicksand. As I interact with bodybuilders on a daily basis I see the rants and the same issues over and over so in this post I wanted to talk about some of the most common traps that slow many down, discourage and often interrupt cuttings phase short.



    “What’s your body fat dude?”
    “What’s my body fat at?”
    “So what bodyfat should I get to?”

    This has got to go!!

    So no matter what your “Why” is for getting into shape whether you are preparing for a show, leaning up for the opposite sex or just an upcoming vacation. Trust me no one is pointing from afar sayig wow check him out he is at 5.23235o83094509482% bodyfat! In actuality you are either in shape or you are not so for the general person trying to get fit and shred only focusing on bodyfat percentage can be distracting and discouraging. When I prep to get to a goal I don’t select a bodyfat percentage but I just continue dropping it until I reach how my body looks like how I want it.

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    Keeping On Track With New Years Resolution Tips Exposed

    Keeping On Track With New Years Resolution Tips Exposed

    Go ahead: add your reason to quit working out to the list right here. You set a goal to get fit, to lose weight or bulk up or just to improve your health. Now your into the end of February and your desire is dying and looks like your new years resolution is about to die. This is around where your workouts stop feeling new your just going through the motions, its not engaging anymore and really its just feeling downright hard by now.

    Do you want your New Years resolution to survive?

    Want to keep it up long enough so you can see some results? 90% of what we do in the fitness journey is not a physical challenge but more of a mental challenge. Well the same goes for your workout routine so I need you to get your head back in the game, get motivated and get pumpd because we are going to get some results (need further motivation do what most fitfam does and look at pics to get you going, here).

    So if your exercise is regimen is going to continue what is going on inside of your head is what matters. So how do you get your head right you may be asking? Well there are a few tips I will give you here and then also show you some of the products I take when I do feel like this which is normal its just how we react and overcome these small challenges.

    Find a fitness buddy!


    Having a fitness pal can be a great positive but more importantly an accountability factor. It may not be for everyone how do you know if it would be a good thing? Well, what if your partner outperformed you would you quit or try harder? Would you feel competitive and try pushing yourself harder or would you get roid rage get angry and smash the mirror with a dumbbell? I tend to see these work very effectively so consider it we’ve got so many people at our smoothie bar that meet and end up doing workouts together gosh how I love this industry!

    Get a Mantra

    (not like the police chief in Bad Boys 2 movie below)

    So the trick is when you feel you are leaning away from working out there are runners and serious athletes that use this trick. Here are some suggestions of mantras you could repeat in order to get your mind back in the zone.

    I’m going to make this fat cry


    I have so many haters to prove wrong

    Go big, Then GO home

    Pain is weakness leaving the body

    So anyone of these can get my mentally pumpd no matter what because if you think back to when we were infants we were not born with the ability to speak and say mamma, dadda. This came from hearing it day in and day out from our parents which was slowly programming our subconscious mind. Hence, why personal development is so important these days and why you see the most successful people say they do not entertain negative thoughts neither should you . The mind is powerful when you leverage it correctly.

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    Best Foods to Suppress Appetite

    Best Foods to Suppress Appetite So Lets Analyze How Foods Can Help

    If your like me or like many people you may struggle with weight and its usually a constant fight. The fight is either to add some muscle weight, lose some body fat weight or just trying to maintain so your not out growing your pants or new pants you just picked up at the department store.

    For those of you that love to eat like me I have some good news! There are some foods that you can focus more on eating that will be nutritious but more importantly start helping you reach your goal weight because they help fight those hunger attacks! Now by taking this approach when you do eat your normally scheduled meals you are now choosing much healthier choices because you are not so hungry you can eat a horse by this time.

    After so many years research is being released regarding what I am about to disclose below and some of you may be using this but these are some of the tricks I have in my arsenal in order to get me through the day.

    Suppressing In 1 Supplement

    There are days (several actually) where I want to take the easy route because if I have a busy meeting filled day I need something strong to get me through the day. For those of you in the office environment/corporate type jobs you know exactly what I mean but for those that are not let me describe this situation some for you. So in this environment I would always struggled staying lean and that is why I never had my six pack back then because we were always meeting and eating. I am telling you during my time in the corporate industry it was literally meeting after meeting or conference call after conference call and most of these meetings they were asking you which box lunch did you want.

    So that is when I finally said OK I need something in a supplement to get me through the day, plan my meals and start seeing some small successes. So for those that know me I go big or go home so I chose the Ultra Concentrate and let me tell you I no longer had an issue saying no to the cheesecakes and box lunches I just was not hungry anymore.

    The other two that I recommend that I use at least three times a week now are these:

    1. Crash (take this for adrenal support, cortisol control and hormonal balance and the sleep is so restful)
    2. Oxy ECA by Lecheek (not for the weak but this CRUSHES appetite)

    Best Foods To Suppress Appetite Here Are the Top 10

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    Protein Shakes for Women Plus Exercise: Lean and Sexy Body

    Protein Shakes for Women Plus Exercise: Lean  and Sexy Body Protein shakes for women are growing popular because of they claim to help lose weight and promote lean muscles. It usually contains a high amount of a certain protein such as soy, whey or casein plus vitamins and minerals. The recommended dietary protein intake is […]

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    What Happens When You Take a Testosterone Supplement

    What Happens When You Take a Testosterone Supplement


    We have all been hearing the commercials more and more lately regarding low T.

    I think society has become more accepting this has become more of a problem but what once affected much older men is now affecting men as young as 28.

    Could it be our environmental elements, our diets or work-life stress?

    Currently between 2 & 4 million men are affected with low T which in medical lingo as known as hypogandism.

    Unfortunately, this is a problem that is progressively getting worse as men age and can strike for many reasons we stated.

    The interesting fact is that roughly about only 5% of millions of men are actually being treated for this or supplementing their testosterone supplies.

    Usually symptoms of hypogandism are overlook and just shunned off as a sign of aging and these are usually the signs of low test levels:

    • Low interest in sex
    • Tiredness
    • Muscle weakness
    • Small or soft testicles
    • ED
    • Weight gain, particularly around the waist
    • Reduced bone density
    • Depression
    • Anemia


    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


    Does being overweight affect my T levels?

    Yes. Fat on the body acts like a sponge by taking the T out of the blood and reducing libido, energy and all male related traits.

    So my advice lower your body fat percentages.


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