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    Fit People Are – Check Out What Google Says

    Fit People Are – Check Out What Google Says


    So Google became famous because of their search engine its just the baddest thing around even businesses when trying to sell and all that stuff they try to rank where, Google. So one of the features of Google is that it has predictive search and when you start typing search terms it starts completing it for you.

    Well when you start to type “fit people are” you start to get many different options such as the ones you see in the picture.

    • fit people are more successful
    • fit people are happier
    • fit people are harder to kill
    • fit people are smarter

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    Michelle Lewin – A Look Into Her Muscle & Fitness Journey

    Michelle Lewin – A Look Into Her Muscle & Fitness Journey

    Quick stats:

    Age: 27
    Height: 5’4″ – 162 cm
    Weight: 120 lbs – 54 kg
    From: Venezuela


    How she started with her muscle & fitness journey…

    Michelle Lewin had previously already been in modelling for some years but as she had to stay in shape she was training and becoming a gym junkie like many of us. However, as she was training and eating right her abs started to show so the modelling gigs now were coming from fitness magazines and supplement companies more often. Now if your into the fitness industry and follow some of the top players like Michelle Lewin you now know shes sponsored by Betancourt Nutrition .

    So like many people that start getting results her friends started pushing her to give NPC a shot and it started the fire for her new found passion.

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    8 Things Guys Do That Can Give Them Man Boobs

    There are pecs and then there are boobs. And it turns out, up to 50 percent of men in the U.S. have the latter, according to a review from the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. And FYI, the condition’s called gynecomastia.

    But don’t buy stock in the bro (thanks, Kramer!) just yet. Assuming you aren’t born with a genetic disorder like Klinefelter syndrome that can cause the condition, bra-ready jugs are pretty simple to avoid if you heed the causes. Breast tissue—which both women and men possess—feeds off of estrogen hormones. While women naturally have more estrogen, and men naturally have more androgen hormones, men can easily get their estrogens-to-androgens ratio out of whack. The result: Sprouting boobs faster than your high school’s head cheerleader.

    Here, the 8 sneakiest cup-fillers:

    1. Abusing Alcohol

    Slamming a six-pack of beer every night is bad for more than one’s belly. Alcohol affects the liver’s ability to get rid of excess estrogen. Plus, phytoestrogens (compounds that mimic true estrogen in the body) are present in the hops used to make beer, and in plants involved in the making of alcoholic beverages. And because the liver is largely responsible for metabolizing hormones, a less-than-efficient one can convert many androgens into estrogens, resulting in an exceedingly feminine chest, says Robert D. Galiano, MD, a plastic surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

    2. Taking Steroids

    A shrinking scrotum isn’t steroids’ only threat to your manhood. So are “bitch tits,” a name reserved for the breasts men grow after taking anabolic steroids to bulk up. This phenomenon is caused when the body converts the ridiculous amounts of testosterone in steroids into estrogen. About half of his gynecomastia patients are bodybuilders, many of whom either have B and C cup-sized breasts as well as puffy nipples, he says.

    3. Gaining Weight

    Sure, more fat can put some padding on your chest, but it can also throw your muscle-to-fat ratio out of whack. “As your ratio of fatty tissue to lean tissue raises, the body produces more estrogen hormones and less androgen hormones,” Galiano says. The result: real-live boobage. No wonder it’s so hard to find a date while sporting a (non-silicon-induced) 32DD-sized chest.

    4. Going on Deprivation Diets

    Deprive yourself of adequate nutrition and your testosterone levels will drop. Your estrogen levels, not so much. While some men develop breasts during times in which they are skimping on food, others don’t grow breasts until their nutrition levels and food intake return to normal. Commonly referred to as “refeeding gynecomastia,” the phenomena was first noted in 1945 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, when men liberated from World War II prison camps grew breast tissue within a few weeks of resuming an adequate diet.

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    Healthy Valentine Dessert Recipes That Allows You To Stay Sexy!

    Healthy Happy Valentines – That Allows You To Stay Sexy!

    Wow so were just a little over a week away from Valentines how time is just passing by. Well I wanted to throw out a couple of ideas out there so we can keep it fun but light as possible for this romantic holiday!

    I have gotten some requests for this and love when I get requests from the ladies I want to help you steer clear of going to deep down the wrong path.

    When you try some of these recipes hashtag them with pumpdnutrition so I can see them on our Instagram.

    No matter what your plans are either a cozy night with a loved one or with the kids showing them how to celebrate this holiday it’s time we reward ourselves but enjoying this night is a must!

    For all you single gals out there, go out there an have fun with your friends just make these on the weekend. Maybe if you do meet someone then you have someone you can try these recipes on.

    Here are some of my favorites, Enjoy…

    Pumpd Chocolate Cups

    This desert is so simple, light and will make a huge impression with its beautiful presentation.


    Simple Ingredients List

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    Why Do We Need Alkaline Water?


    The human body produces digestive acid that has often been considered as a by-product of metabolism. Most of the acid is excreted through urine. Some of it is also lost when you perspire. However, your body will have to retain some amount of it. This is exactly where alkaline water comes in.

    1. Boosts Metabolism:

    Many of us these days love to complain about our metabolic system. We often envy women who eat as much as they like and never put on weight. If you are someone who feels exactly like this, then you have some good news. Alkaline water effectively helps you boost metabolism. It is better than plain water and aids in the absorption of nutrients quickly.

    2. Builds Muscles:

    With Alkaline water, you can also build healthy and lean muscles. Alkaline water preserves the muscle mass and protects you from dangerous diseases such as renal failure and obstructive lung disease. If you know someone who is old, please tell them to add more alkaline water to their diet. It could be a life changing experience for them.

    3. Reduces Signs Of Aging:

    Signs of aging start to appear even when you are in your late 20s. This is primarily because of bad weather and harsh climate. This is why it is very important to moisturize your skin daily. Ensure you eat healthy and drink plenty of alkaline water. It not only helps moisturize the skin, but also acts as an antioxidant and damages the free radicals.

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