Fit People Are – Check Out What Google Says

Fit People Are – Check Out What Google Says


So Google became famous because of their search engine its just the baddest thing around even businesses when trying to sell and all that stuff they try to rank where, Google. So one of the features of Google is that it has predictive search and when you start typing search terms it starts completing it for you.

Well when you start to type “fit people are” you start to get many different options such as the ones you see in the picture.

  • fit people are more successful
  • fit people are happier
  • fit people are harder to kill
  • fit people are smarter

and the list goes on and on….. So I have always been a big proponent about love and accept your body because we need to love our own skin. However, for those of you that know me and where I came from (see here) you know that I loved who I was never had low self-esteem or confidence issues whatsoever.

When I do look back in retrospect I can now honestly say I was making excuses for myself and knew I should be getting healthy like fit people do.

Why? Well for starters my health is a huge concern in the United States because of the food that is made readily available and especially for those that live a busy lifestyle it can be easy to settle for, excuse the language, crap! If you are a busy individual you need this plan.

So if you look at some of those bullets above do you think some of them are true? I can say I am more successful since leaning out and getting abs and I guess it can relate to most business axioms out there take advice from someone that has achieved what you want to achieve. So from that standpoint I am able to help so many people follow down the same path that I took and that is the legacy I want to leave behind, wellness & awareness. #cancervive

I can say I am happier because no longer do I struggle to find cute jeans at the store any longer, now harder to kill um maybe I can run faster and longer now hahaha just kidding no but for real I am kind of fast.

So all Google stuff aside let’s focus on one thing here, HEALTH. It is important and your health is one thing that is in YOUR control so if you can control an outcome to your life why not start? You have to understand you why and have a strong why in order to start.

For me, my why was I wanted to be able to enjoy playing with my kiddos and live long to see their kiddos. So in July of 2013 I started a meal plan of clean eating, chose the right supplements and incorporated a workout regimen.

Perhaps your why is to fit into some jeans you bought last year, fit into that new bikini or just to be able to ween off some medication. We have a customer that lost 22lbs and was taken off her blood pressure medicine, great job Olga!!!

Find out your why, ensure you have clarity and let’s setup an action plan to get this going at Pumpd we will help you change regardless of what you need we can help you with a meal plan (free with supplement stack), supplements and even a workout plan. These are custom tailored to you so its not a cookie cutter plan its time to do what fit people do.

Find out what your daily macro needs, FREE assessment at any of our locations.

Supplementing with a cause,

Pumpd Nutrition

PS – Smoothie time and it’s a Big Guns with a shot of espresso today!!

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