Fitness inspiration photos or also known as fitness selfie and we bring you our compilation

Fitness inspiration photos AKA. fitness selfie Part I

So first I think I need to start off by saying so many of our customers inspire us!

There are many days where we all hit a slump or we just don’t have that #beastmode feeling its just natural (example @bikinimomtheresa).

However, I can tell you in our fitfam community many of us come out of this slump or dull spot by being motivated by others.

Let’s look at the definition of #fitfam first before we get into the pics and light that motivation for many of you.

Definition of #fitfam

Fitness lovers who support one another to reach their ideal fitness goals. Many stay anonymous & use pictures to inspire & motivate one another.

So now that we got that out of the way you will now understand the psychology behind the fitness selfie and why they are considered fitness inspiration photos by so many in the fitness community.

Secure your FREE discount for our site now!In all of the Pumpd Nutrition stores you will find a selfie booth are station so our customers can take a selfie and post on Facebook or Instagram. So without further ado let’s get into it we actually had a one of our favorite customers stop by today and take a fresh selfie in the booth. Check them out here: @saraspellings and @caittesso If you want to be featured in our next selfie Saturday edition please feel free to email us a photo or you can actually submit your photo through our phone app. If you don’t have our phone app yet you are missing out just click the link to the right and it will help you download the app to your phone (our app – Pumpd).


Check out these hot 20 selfie photos!selfie-saturday-1 Secure your FREE discount for our site now!selfie-saturday-2


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Here you will see a fitness selfie taken in our selfie booth at Pumpd Nutrition how sweet is that? selfie-saturday-20 Well my friends off to the gym today I have abs and cardio to knock out so today I am mixing up my gallon of Gaspari Aminolast and I love the lemon ice flavor yummy!!!! I typically sip on a gallon of this daily because I stay pretty active and you won’t see me losing any gains! Go ahead and click instant access below and get your FREE copy of our magazine for fitness tips, lessons and tricks I use to get my results. pumpd-accessSupplementing with a cause,

Claudia Carrera

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