Favorite Product : Nitric Oxide & Pronuts
Industry Experience : 5+ year

Born in Brownsville, Texas grew up eating a lot of vitamin T. Not to many people know what vitamin T are but I know

living here in Houston so many people eat vitamin T and don’t realize how bad it is for us.

Well vitamin T is a combination of tacos, tamales and tortas (yummy Mexican sandwiches)……

Basically a heart-attack all these fatty things..

Ok got side tracked there thats my fitness mentality, sorry 🙂 ……

So I moved to Houston when I was 19 years old with a few hundred dollars in my pocket determined to find

work and start a great career. Well I ended up finding a job in the call center industry, working myself through

college and finally graduating with my degree in business.

OK,,, so sounds good so far but I think it happens to a lot of us we work so much, we have assignments to do

for school and all the other errands that we just don’t have the time to eat…well I should say eat correctly so

Taco Bell it was…..

My corporate job ended up going well, I got a promotion after a promotion, money was good kept climbing

the ranks and something else started climbing as well, my WEIGHT!!

I did workout and jog consistently but the results just were NOT there not realizing I just was not educated

enough in nutrition to make a beneficial impact. I was so committed I said to my Husband (Joe),,, you know

what let’s make fitness our lifestyle it will guarantee we will continue exercising and trying to eat right.

BOOM in 2010 I have a baby (Giselle) and I did not gain much weight but I didn’t eat like I should have

so you know there was extra weight there 😉

So in 2011 when the doctor gave me the clear to start working out again I said let’s DO THIS!

So in 2011 Pumpd Nutrition was born. What this did was force me to learn nutrition first and in’s

and out’s and I mean from creatine to horny goat weed. I became an expert in discount bodybuilding

supplements and preworkouts even pre-workouts for women!

In 2013, after so much experimenting and hiring different nutritionist I finally cracked the code of how to eat!

Well it has gone so well I have not achieved a six pack something I have NEVER had and what’s even

better is I am helping so many customers lose weight and feel great about themselves.

Take a look at my before and after picture here


Training Experience
Metabolism building
Come in and we will consult on how to grow this.
Meal & Supplements
Training Skills
  • Customer Service 100 %
  • Weight Managment 90 %
  • Muscle Building 95 %
  • Metabolic Building 95 %
  • Meal Planning 100 %

Meet Other Trainers

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

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    John has worked in the fitness industry for over 5 years and has gained extensive knowledge during this time. He has trained and competed with athletes. He has experimented different methods of training.