E-Stinger (Estrogen Blocker)

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Shield against – Low libido – Weight gain – Muscle loss – PMS – Polycystic ovarian syndrome – Heavy menstrual flow – Benign prostatic hyperplasia

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If you are a testosterone replacement therapy client, bodybuilder or just want to increase you levels of free testosterone, Stinging Nettle root extract may be able to elevate free testosterone levels, which promotes increased libido, muscle mass growth, and slowing down loss of bone density.

E-Stinger includes ingredients to increase levels of free testosterone but as we already know when you increase testosterone it’s a direct correlation estrogen increases along with it. This formula contains the power DIM ingredient to reduce estrogen to help you concentrate on increasing muscle building and increased libido. This product is designed to increase testosterone from different angles so you should not ever need to be prescribed any aromatase inhibitors.

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