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Metabolic Damage Weight Loss Solution. Physician Formulate. Supports healthy thyroid function. Healthy metabolism. Promotes healthy energy production. Supports adrenal function. Thyrene is the most powerful and effective one dose daily – weight loss solution for individuals suffering from metabolic damage. Thyrene is physician formulated to support thyroid health and promote a healthy metabolism. Thyrene should be used by individuals in pre/post contest preparation … and by those who have difficulty losing weight.

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Metabolic Nutrition Thyrene is a nutrient packed supplement specifically targeted to deliver the essentials for proper thyroid function and to promote healthy weight loss and weight management.Thyrene has been scientifically formulated to provide the needed solutions which will activate, maintain and support your new healthy fast metabolism. Thyrene is a physician-formulated capsule that supports thyroid hormone production to effect an increased metabolic rate and accelerate caloric utilization. With top quality ingredients and essential vitamins and nutrients, Thyrene is a supplement that will truly aid in enahncing and maintaining physical performance in and out of the gym.

Thyrene vs Synadrex

This is a very popualr question for this product. You can actually stack Thyrene with Synedrex. While Synedrex helps targeting fat, Thyrene helps improve thyroid function which can increase your metabolism and calorie burning. This is why they are both great supplements to take together.

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