Squeem – Shape Your Waist For No More Muffin Tops

Corsets and Squeems are two interesting tools used by many male and female physique competitors throughout the fitness industry.

Many of you that have been in the industry for some time may have been some part of the whispers in the locker rooms. These whispers were more so about what they were for, where to buy them but many people still were left with the question of what they did.
The simple truth is that athletes (yes both men and women) have been using them for years to trim their waistlines down, which helps attain the ideal X frame we strive for on the stage.


I am writing this blog post because many people over the last year have asked me some of my tips and tricks regarding my waistline.

So in this article I will discuss the squeem waist cincher and discuss its effectiveness.
If you look back in time the older historic pictures you saw women corsets but in the older times it was developed to keep the upper body erect and push the breast together and up.
Over the years the design has changed but the purpose has ultimately remained the same….. to give the illusion of an extremely small waistline.

Now lets step into our world today, 2014, and in todays world they are used for competition.
Women and men have been known to use corset type products and the squeem is the most used in the sport. The main purpose is to reduce the size of the waistline for the stage.

By reducing our waistline if your looking at someone’s body you see an X figure. The shoulders and legs have a wider look than the waist and if you’re in the fitness industry you know that’s a winning look and just sexy period!

If you look at the photo below here is the results of the X frame, which is the effects of using the squeem waist cincher.

squeem waist cincher

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We have several female customers that we get them on this right after having a baby because the squeem is great for postpartum support use.

So let’s take a look at the design and use of this product.

There are some women during pregnancy develop a condition known as diastasis recti, which is also referred to as, abdominal separation.

This issue is classified as the separation of the abdominal muscles into left and right halves (sounds painful right).

Normally the lineaalba, the fibrous structure runs directly down the midline of your abs is what separates the left and right side.


An article in Real magazine discussing this symptom and discusses the treatment for it.  The treatment consisted of a series of core exercises (go figure) which focused on strengthening the abdominal muscles as well as one compression exercise (think squeem) which involved manually pushing on the abdomen at the site at which diastasis recti occurs.
So with this and a few other theories the application of the squeem waist cincher came about.

Men can and do use the squeem and male bodybuilders in my mind can be compared to the use of squeems by post-partum women because of the distention observed in both men and women.

Evidence suggests the use of squeem for waist reduction in postpartum ladies seems to work over a period of time. I have personally been using a squeem and I had a box like waist and now it has been reduced.
All of our employees employ a squeem because the ladies obviously want to look sexy and my male employees some compete so they started using it before competitions for about 5-8 hours per day.


The Squeem and those comparable to the Squeem were created with the intention of reducing the waistline. Evidence shows that the Squeem and like products do, over time, aid in the reduction of the waistline in postpartum women who have had the condition known as diastasis recti as well as in men who are trying to reduce their waistline so their love handles are not wider than their lats.

Now when purchasing your squeem make sure you follow the sizing chart listed below. The first chart is for women sizing and yes it needs to be tight and usually we have customers use a measuring tape to measure their widest part of their waist.

Women’s Chart:


Men’s Chart:


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Since its Flex Friday let me post a few solid core pics below…


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No Sexy core set is complete without Bella Falconibella-falconi


Here we have Paige Hathawaypaige-hathaway


Here we have marissabishhhhmarissabishhhh

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