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    Pumpd Blog — Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews

    Hemo Rage Pre Workout Review – Lost Track of Time

     Hemo Rage Pre Workout Review by Nutrex

    I do love my pre workout supplements because as many of you have experienced you just get more done when you in the gym. How do you grow? With pushing yourself to the limit and when you have the right pre workout viola you have found the secret weapon to accomplish just that. I wanted to take a moment to break down my experience on the new formula of Hemo-Rage by Nutrex. Trust me my friends I have tried almost all of them and before any go on our shelves it must go through our test (we try it as a team and vote and review on effects) before we will endorse anything to our customers.

    Well with Hemo Rage I was pleasantly surprised!!! Man let me just tell you up front I went in to workout for a quick arm workout typically takes me 45-60 minutes but as I headed to my gym usually I would be feeling my pre workout you know that stimulant feeling where you feel all hyped up. So initially I was thinking to myself man this one might be a dud or just not strong enough.

    Ok so this is where you need to be careful MOST people at this point would already say man its not strong enough and immediately strart mixing up a second scoop so they can get the process going. I did not do this and proceeded to my workout ok now remember my typical workout time 45 minutes to an hour but I left well over 2 hours later. This is one pre workout where I don’t feel that stim feel but its WORKING I lost total track of time and just kept working and working and working. I didn’t realize this until I left and saw the time and man oh man I was like this is a WINNER!

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    Macho Physique with HGH Supplements

    Boost Your Way to Healthy Macho Physique with HGH Supplements


     Are human growth hormone HGH supplements effective in growing lean and big muscular tissues? How safe is this if injected to the human body? Is it a wonder drug that gives amazing results in just weeks?

    Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body that is produced by the pituitary gland. It is usually secreted at high amounts especially during puberty and has tremendous effects to the body including muscle and bone growth.

    HGH supplements may have the same effect as the natural growth hormone in the body. It promotes the protein production and build up of muscle tissues. This recovery or restoration of new protein tissues in the muscles aid in making muscles grow stronger and healthier.

    Research findings showed that HGH supplements if given at the right dosage which should be similar to the natural levels in the body can produce optimum results. The safe level of natural growth hormone in the body is 1 to 1.5 milligrams in the bloodstream so see to it that your HGH supplements do not exceed this ideal dose otherwise it can have debilitating effects.

    This hormone supplements was proven to help metabolize fat stores in the body and converted to energy. This finding paved the way for new studies associating the use of growth hormone to treat obesity. The medical use of this hormone in treating obesity was later on proven without any doubt. Professional bodybuilders have used HGH supplements in increasing or enhancing lean muscles mass as well as in maintaining their ideal weight for the past years.

    Adequate rest and sleep is helpful in producing those big bulky muscles that women adore. Human growth hormone is linked with improved sleep because less unintended awakening are reduced or eradicated and a better rapid eye movement (REM) stage was observed. We all know that REM is responsible for dreams and the occurrence of these dreams is associated with very deep sleep which is usually more relaxing for most people. Sleep also prevents the breakdown of the protein in muscles and brings back the energy stores as well. An improved sleeping pattern is conducive for muscle strength and growth which happens to be the goal of athletes and bodybuilders.

    Exercise together with ample amount human growth hormone is necessary to help boost muscle size. It results to a progressive high intensity work out. This hormone is also proven to make bones stronger and this is why many athletes and body builders have started using this human growth hormone supplements because of its many benefits.

    As an added benefit of these supplements, sexual performance was proven to improve which makes it more appealing for men. It was just an add-on benefit that no man and woman could just resist. Even female bodybuilders have been using this kind of supplements.

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    Assault Muscle Pharm – Pre Workout 2.0 Will Boost Your Energy

    Assault Muscle Pharm – Boost Your Energy with Assault Pre Workout

    Assault Pre Workout is very important in achieving that muscular body that you have always been dreaming of. It gives athletes and people who go to the gym the ultimate advantage that will help them achieve that macho physique. It is proven to boost energy and cut fatigue even when exercising vigorously.

    The ingredients of Assault Pre Workout are B-vitamins, caffeine, different amino acids, nitric oxide precursors such as creatinine and beta-alanine are proven to boost both muscle size and power. All of these natural ingredients are proven to be both safe and effective.

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    How Good is Speed X3 by LeCheek?

    How Good is Speed X3 by LeCheek?

    Well fitfam it is the Next Big thing when it comes to pre-workouts and I don’t say that about many of them because several are just not strong enough!

    This was specifically formulated to assist you so you can crush it in the gym. Which now I can say the ULTRA CONCENTRATE in the name is LEGIT not just marketing.

    Accept no imposters here is a picture


    This is one of many pre workouts that taste good so flavoring was researched well for the manufacturing process. A lot of pre-workouts taste like chemicals ewwww!

    When I tested speed X3 the workouts were much longer and I pushed through harder and didn’t even realize it until I was done. With EVERY workout, Every rep, every super set, it will take your work out ENERGY and FOCUS to new heights and that is how you grow!

    Here are some of the key features:

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    Nutrex Lipo-6 Review

    Hey Fitfam –

    Check out my video before reading the Lipo-6 review.

    LIPO-6 is a well let me think of how I can say this in just one word, STRONG! It is an extremely popular fat-burner because of the advanced delivery system it uses of fast-acting liquid. Typically when products are liquid they are absorbed so much more effectively than pills so PLEASE make sure you take as directed.

    When I take this I usually do it around 5-10 minutes before my first meal because from experience I usually absorb my supplements/stimulants quickly so I know once I take it I must eat very soon after so I don’t feel sick.

    The Lipo-6 is usually the starter fat burner of the three we offer from Nutrex. So let’s take at the consumer profile for this fat burner before we dive into the ingredients.

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