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    Take Iodine Supplements with Caution

    Take Iodine Supplements with Caution: Risks might Outweigh Benefits Are you currently taking iodine supplements because of thyroid problems? What are the possible benefits and side effects of these iodine supplements? Iodine is an essential nutrient that the body needs in order to achieve optimum health. The body cannot produce this substance so it should […]

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    How to Maximize Muscle Growth

    Maximize Muscle Growth with Optimum Exercise, Rest and Nutrition

    Muscles are bundles of fibrous tissues in the body and there are different kinds of muscles. Skeletal muscles are muscles that cover the bones in our body which makes it possible for humans to move about. There are a number of factors that affect muscle growth such as diet, supplementation and lifestyle.


    What are the mechanisms that promote muscle growth?

    • Muscle tension, application of a bigger load of stress that the body is not used to, helps in increasing muscle volume. This is done by lifting progressively heavier dumbbells or weights. This changes the muscle chemistry including mTOR activation , satellite cell activation and many more.
    • Muscle damage or sore muscles after a workout means that there is localized muscle damage. It causes the release of inflammatory molecules that react in muscle tissues. This sore feeling diminishes over time even if you gradually increase the weight and frequency of the activity.
    • Metabolic stress or “pump” is the effect of metabolic stress when people work out. It is the swollen feeling that leads to increase in muscle growth without increasing muscle cell size.

    Can testosterone affect the size of muscles or is this just a myth?

    Short answer,

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    Muscle Booster and Male Enhancement Supplement

    Lean Muscle X: Muscle Booster and Male Enhancement Supplement

    Have you been working out in the gym yet see no significant or noticeable change in your muscle size?  Are you aiming for than lean muscular look that a lot of women adore?

    Muscle growth seems difficult for many despite losing all those fats. Muscles need ample amount of protein and exercise to grow big and there has to be more protein build up than protein breakdown (most critical piece of advice right here guys and gals). A person could become lean meaning there isn’t much fat in the body yet look thin and limp (kind of like a runners body). Every man would want to look fit and muscular and you can achieve this by taking in Lean Muscle X aka P6 a Pumpd secret. It may be true that protein can be found in common foods like meat, beans, nuts, legumes, soya and a lot more but for body builders, they need more protein to enhance their muscle volume.


    Lean Muscle X helps you achieve that ideal muscular physique in a faster period of time. This supplement can provide you adequate nutrient that can help boost your muscle size. There is absolutely no product that can improve your muscle tissue volume in just days and there is no such thing as effortless. Muscles need all the nutrients, exercise and rest that it can get and it can take weeks to months.

    This supplement contains vital antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help rebuild damaged muscle tissue hence promote muscle hypertrophy leading to that macho physique. It contains L-arginine,

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    5 Steps to Guaranteed Muscle Growth

    So I have had a few customers come in recently and say, “How can I have more muscle growth?


    There are so many factors that determine this but today I am going to focus on the training piece. There are certain things you can be doing in order to force your muscle to grow.

    So let’s get started on our topic; muscle growth. Just a quick note on the nutrition piece and I need you to know that eating a balanced low-fat diet and increasing the amount of weight you lift during weight training, helps you in a BIG way.

    Supplementing higher protein enriched foods into your diet, which helps to build and maintain muscle growth in the body and ditching the lighter weights with heavier weights during your workout is KEY.

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    Maximize Your Muscles’ Performance with Nitrix Products

    Maximize Your Muscles’ Performance with Nitrix Products

    Nitrix products are known as dietary supplements that contain nitric oxide which promotes dilatation of blood vessels and increases the volume (aka. the PUMP) of muscles. It contains a wide array of products that are specially created and designed for the different stages of workout. Each product is designed to work at a certain stage of work out that will help in boosting the performance of muscles and recovery of muscle tissues. Different kinds of products contain different ingredients but Nitrix products are well known for their high nitric oxide content.


    What are the key features of these amazing Nitrix products?

    • High nitric oxide is known to boost muscle function.
    • Additional precursors of nitric oxide such as the amino acid L-arginine, amino acid beta-alanine and amino acid L-citrulline are also added to this new collection of Nitrix products.

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