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    Protein Powder Recipes -Healthy and Yummy for Everyone’s Tummy

    Protein Powder Recipes – Healthy and Yummy Protein Powder Recipes for Everyone’s Tummy

    Are you a health conscious individual who manage weight by ingesting foods containing protein powder recipes?

    Perhaps you are an athlete or bodybuilder searching for delicious protein powder recipes so you can achieve those big bulky muscles?

    Lean, fit and healthy body is surely the envy of everybody and you don’t need to be a professional bodybuilder to achieve this.

    Protein powder recipes is the secret in achieving the big muscles because these help nourish the muscles with the optimum level of protein without the need  for increasing the amount food.

    Protein powder, an alternative for starches like flour, is growing popular among healthy and active people because it is innovative and versatile.

    Before, the typical way of taking protein was either through eating protein-rich foods rich or gulping down protein beverages or shakes but now you can eat baked goodies or desserts that contain a healthy kind of powder.

    Cheesecakes, pastries and tarts are just a few yummy foods that may contain protein powder and you can bake or create virtually anything you like with this powder.

    If you frequent a gym, the use of this alternative in preparing or cooking most foods ingested by athletes and bodybuilders is a very common topic of conversations.

    Drinking protein shakes has become tiresome or unpalatable to some but they got used to it because they were stuck with it.

    Now that there is an alternative, it is suddenly considered as a nutritional supplement and many find it more palatable.

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    Shredder Diet Book – Here If Your Fundamentals Guide

    Shredder Diet Book – Start here and this will serve as your fundamentals guide.

    I know we have all seen it before someone curling at the squat rack or jumping around from machine to machine and I’m talking leg press, to curls, to lats, etc. No I don’t think they are doing a circuit either. Perhaps they are filled with motivation that they are going to get shredded in 8 weeks like they were told in the YouTube video they just watched. Some of you want to laugh and we should not its just they are looking for guidance, some help and fitfam community that is what we do we motivate each other and teach each other.

    Haven’t you ever heard you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great? Well that is what drives me is helping other people so our community can grow and grow its very infectious. This will be what a lot of want and thats shredding body fat and lets dive in.

    I know when I first started looking back now I wasted so much time on the wrong workouts, the moves were wrong in many cases and meals were not even dialed in correctly. Some pick it up by trial and error and others actually get guided by another which I believe feedback is a gift so if someone is willing to give you advice listen and see if it can help you.

    So this post will be an attempt to setup a what I would call a beginners guide to getting shredded since spring break and summer right around the corner!

    Framing Where You Are

    Like in any setting you must know what you are trying to do in order to setup the correct goal to go after. For example, if you are extremely over weight you are not going to start on a bulking program so this is what I mean if you are trying to get lean. Here are the three body types and that is why some of us can get away with eating a little dirtier than others and why our physiques look a little different from the start.

    1. Ectomorph – skinny and light in weight, hard gainer, flat chested, small shoulders, thin, lean muscle mass

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    IIFYM Validated In Interview With Layne Norton | Pumpd Nutrition

    IIFYM – Layne Norton On If It Fits Your Macros and Sample Recipes

    Now I am adding this because Layne Norton is an authority in the bodybuilding community and because of the simplicity of how he breaks it down.

    If you want to read the mechanics of the program and how to calculate your needs just read our post here.

    I have received several emails of sample recipes so I am going to post some here but if you have not read the post I suggest you do so NOW because you will need to calculate your macros and that is what the calculator does.

    Get your macros now via the calculator, NOW.

    The results you get break it down like this image here:


    Once you are all setup there is an app you can use on your phone that helps track your daily macros called my fitness pal.

    This app is so cool it even let’s you scan bar codes if needed.

    Recipes (sample of what a day can look like in IIFYM)

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    Hemo Rage Pre Workout Review – Lost Track of Time

     Hemo Rage Pre Workout Review by Nutrex

    I do love my pre workout supplements because as many of you have experienced you just get more done when you in the gym. How do you grow? With pushing yourself to the limit and when you have the right pre workout viola you have found the secret weapon to accomplish just that. I wanted to take a moment to break down my experience on the new formula of Hemo-Rage by Nutrex. Trust me my friends I have tried almost all of them and before any go on our shelves it must go through our test (we try it as a team and vote and review on effects) before we will endorse anything to our customers.

    Well with Hemo Rage I was pleasantly surprised!!! Man let me just tell you up front I went in to workout for a quick arm workout typically takes me 45-60 minutes but as I headed to my gym usually I would be feeling my pre workout you know that stimulant feeling where you feel all hyped up. So initially I was thinking to myself man this one might be a dud or just not strong enough.

    Ok so this is where you need to be careful MOST people at this point would already say man its not strong enough and immediately strart mixing up a second scoop so they can get the process going. I did not do this and proceeded to my workout ok now remember my typical workout time 45 minutes to an hour but I left well over 2 hours later. This is one pre workout where I don’t feel that stim feel but its WORKING I lost total track of time and just kept working and working and working. I didn’t realize this until I left and saw the time and man oh man I was like this is a WINNER!

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    How to Start Eating Clean Mystery Explained by Pumpd Nutrition

    How to Start Eating Clean Mystery Explained by Pumpd Nutrition

    So many of you hear me or even see me eat often and to be exact its roughly 5-6 meals a day, healthy meals. If you haven’t heard this let me give you a phrase that is

    GOLDEN….. “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”…. So no matter if you eat a whopper from Burger King (1,200 plus calories in just less than 10 minutes) and hit the stair

    master on level 8 for 55 minutes (roughly 700 calories) you still will NOT get a lean look.


    The other night at the book store someone overheard us talking about clean eating and she asked “What is clean eating?” So that is what I am breaking down for us – How to start eating clean …..

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