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    Exercises to Tone Your Buttocks Fast

    Exercises to Tone Your Butt Fast

    Shaping your gluteus maximus muscles is high on the wish list of so many women when they come into the store. What woman does not want a nice firm bottom? The gluteus area is however also the so called problem area for a lot of women and sometimes can easily be fixed. Our bodies are in many cases not wanting to free up these fat cells, so us girls really need to ensure we select the right exercises and workouts to trim and tone the gluteus maximus!

    A shapely bottom is a wonder to many but if many of you are Instagram users you see the entire craze about squats and the effects these have on us girls. However, it is only seen on a few privileged women because not all have the right formula to follow through. Well not anymore because I am about to break it down for you ladies!

    Are you ready to transform your behind? I am about to describe the top five exercises to kick-start your butt lift program and literally get your butt in gear.

    The Squat

    This is by far the single best exercise for strength, tone up and best of all shaping the thighs and butt. If you are ever on a time crunch when going to the gym this is the KING of the five workouts so keep that in mind…..Don’t cheat make sure the form is right..

    Form: holding a barbell resting across your upper traps and shoulders, hands wider than shoulder-width apart. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, feet angled slightly outward. Pull your shoulders back slightly, contract your lower-back muscles, take a deep breath and hold it. Looking straight in front of you, slowly bend at the knees, until your thighs are just above parallel to the ground. Do not bounce at the bottom and do not stop but just slowly push through. Push through your heels to drive yourself back up, contracting your gluteus muscles (buttocks) strongly and exhale as you’re about halfway back to starting position. Breath in and repeat until your entire set is complete.


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    How Good is Speed X3 by LeCheek?

    How Good is Speed X3 by LeCheek?

    Well fitfam it is the Next Big thing when it comes to pre-workouts and I don’t say that about many of them because several are just not strong enough!

    This was specifically formulated to assist you so you can crush it in the gym. Which now I can say the ULTRA CONCENTRATE in the name is LEGIT not just marketing.

    Accept no imposters here is a picture


    This is one of many pre workouts that taste good so flavoring was researched well for the manufacturing process. A lot of pre-workouts taste like chemicals ewwww!

    When I tested speed X3 the workouts were much longer and I pushed through harder and didn’t even realize it until I was done. With EVERY workout, Every rep, every super set, it will take your work out ENERGY and FOCUS to new heights and that is how you grow!

    Here are some of the key features:

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    Whey Protein for Women

    Can Women Drink Whey Protein When Trying to Lose Weight


    I run across so many women that are scared to take whey protein for women because they feel it will make them bulky or fat. Watch my short video here to get a glimpse into the facts on why you will not gain weight.

    I was actually wearing one of my favorite shirts today, f^&% cancer! Remember, a portion of all our proceeds are donated monthly to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer awareness. If ya didn’t know now ya know!

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    Nutrex Lipo-6 Review

    Hey Fitfam –

    Check out my video before reading the Lipo-6 review.

    LIPO-6 is a well let me think of how I can say this in just one word, STRONG! It is an extremely popular fat-burner because of the advanced delivery system it uses of fast-acting liquid. Typically when products are liquid they are absorbed so much more effectively than pills so PLEASE make sure you take as directed.

    When I take this I usually do it around 5-10 minutes before my first meal because from experience I usually absorb my supplements/stimulants quickly so I know once I take it I must eat very soon after so I don’t feel sick.

    The Lipo-6 is usually the starter fat burner of the three we offer from Nutrex. So let’s take at the consumer profile for this fat burner before we dive into the ingredients.

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    What is Clean Eating?

    Clean eating,

    is truly the new craze but with good reason!

    No, guys it’s not all about making sure those bell peppers are clean before chewing them

    down (hmmm but that’s probably not a bad idea to ensure right). There is not really a

    text book definition but in general if you wanted the down and dirty guideline I would

    tell you to stay away and not eat any foods that are processed. Processed, meaning

    you find it in a can or a box at the grocery store, it can last in your pantry through

    the next nuclear bombing and something that typically in more along the center

    aisles of the grocery store for the most part. So what’s the big deal all about your

    probably asking, and so many of you when ordering a all fresh fruit smoothie at

    Pumpd always ask me should I try it, too?

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