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    Pumpd Blog — Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews

    Pump Up With Finaflex Max Pump

    With just one dose, you will definitely get the pumps that you are looking for. That is the promise of Max Pump, the premium endurance and vasodilation product from the makers of Stimul8. Finaflex Max Pump contains Betaine Nitrate, a unique and powerful ingredient that combines Betaine with Nitrate. Betaine is popular for decreasing body […]

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    Get Lean With Finaflex 1-Alpha

    If you are already exerting a lot of effort to gain the muscle that you have always wanted, but the efforts do not yield results and you want to speed up your lean muscle acquisition, then you should take Finaflex 1-Alpha capsules. Finaflex 1-Alpha is one of the most popular prohormone supplements in the market […]

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    Betancourt Ripped Juice EX2: Turning Fat Into Lean Mass

    betancourt ripped juice ex2 reviews

    Same fat burner taken by Michelle Lewin diet

    One of the most prominent weight loss supplements in the market is produced by Betancourt Nutrition. It is called the Ripped Juice EX2, created by former teen national bodybuilding champion named Jorge Betancourt.

    The existing Betancourt Ripped Juice EX2 reviews have been saying that this product had been using to slice and dice bodies since it came to market in 2002.

    A lot of people using this product because they want to speed up their slimming process, while building more muscle mass at the same time. Those who drink this supplement also want to avoid the negative effects of dieting, such as mood swings and decrease in muscle mass.

    Some of the most noted components of this product mentioned in Betancourt Ripped Juice EX2 reviews include the following:

    • Niacin
    • Caffeine Anhydrous
    • Guarana Extract
    • Green Tea Extract
    • Kola Nut Extract
    • Chocamine

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    The Goodness of Pro Supps Crash

    pro supps crashBefore reading these answer these questions and see if they apply to you…

    1. Not really feeling the kick of your workout anymore?
    2. Have more belly fat?
    3. Stressed out lately?
    4. Not Sleeping well at night?

    If you answered yes to any of these then read on you will benefit…

    The ProSupps Crash formula is designed to help in the reduction of body-fat, sustain the adrenal system, bring down cortisol levels and retune the natural “hormonal clock” to achieve optimal metabolic rate. It also induces the REM sleep. The following are the benefits of ProSupps Crash 60 ct.

    • Adrenal System Support
    • Supports deep REM sleep
    • Infused with GABA and Valerian Root
    • Cortisol Control


    Adrenal System Support

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    Deprogen ARS Review

    Deprogen ARS Review

    Nowadays, we are more aware of the effects of hormone in the field of muscle building than ever before.  Supplement companies such as Betancourt Nutrition are increasingly turning toward research, to help design cutting-edge products to further develop vital muscle-building hormones like testosterone, growth hormone etc.

    Muscle building takes place via various mechanisms, a fine thing in itself, for  those who are trying to either build or maintain muscle mass by means of a through a spectrum of diverse physiological conditions. Males of all ages can take good advantage of testosterone boosters as also weight trainers with differing degrees of muscle mass accretion.

    Some of the ingredients necessary to make muscle boosting possible are herbs, leaves, roots and various other plants drawn from ancient either Asian medicine or nurtured from tropical sources.

    Some of them have been in use for many centuries in remote cultures and have winded their way in to the West only recently. Here these are researched into, formulated for optimum success and developed for best possible potency in the form of food supplements.

    Betancourt Nutrition’s premier product Deprogen ARS, which is essentially an

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