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    Asian Chicken Salad And Asian Dressing For Chicken Salad Revealed

    Asian Chicken Salad Clean Eating Recipe Along With Asian Dressing for Chicken Salad


    I have been asked for some recipes and I wanted to bring you a version of certain foods we eat on a daily basis but with some creativity that still keeps it in the clean eating realm.

    So now that the days are getting warmer and the days will get longer its time to switch up our stews and soups now for lighter fares to fit the season.

    With this dish its an Asian inspired recipe that takes (get ready) less than 15 minutes to make but it only has 175 calories for those needed that data.

    Now instead of just no nutritional value lettuce I opted for savoy cabbage which is actually used in many Asian dishes.Also, keep in mind savoy has a milder taste than the green cabbage we grew up eating.

    This recipe serves about 6 based on the serving size of 1 cup.

    It has 175 calories and here are the nutritional facts:

    • 10 grams of fat
    • cholesterol about 24mg
    • sodium ringing in at 129mg
    • carbohydrates at 11g
    • dietary fiber at 2g
    • sugars at 8g
    • protein at 11grams

    Here is the ingredient list for the Asian Chicken Salad:

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    Fitness inspiration photos or also known as fitness selfie and we bring you our compilation

    Fitness inspiration photos AKA. fitness selfie Part I

    So first I think I need to start off by saying so many of our customers inspire us!

    There are many days where we all hit a slump or we just don’t have that #beastmode feeling its just natural (example @bikinimomtheresa).

    However, I can tell you in our fitfam community many of us come out of this slump or dull spot by being motivated by others.

    Let’s look at the definition of #fitfam first before we get into the pics and light that motivation for many of you.

    Definition of #fitfam

    Fitness lovers who support one another to reach their ideal fitness goals. Many stay anonymous & use pictures to inspire & motivate one another.

    So now that we got that out of the way you will now understand the psychology behind the fitness selfie and why they are considered fitness inspiration photos by so many in the fitness community.

    Secure your FREE discount for our site now!In all of the Pumpd Nutrition stores you will find a selfie booth are station so our customers can take a selfie and post on Facebook or Instagram. So without further ado let’s get into it we actually had a one of our favorite customers stop by today and take a fresh selfie in the booth. Check them out here: @saraspellings and @caittesso If you want to be featured in our next selfie Saturday edition please feel free to email us a photo or you can actually submit your photo through our phone app. If you don’t have our phone app yet you are missing out just click the link to the right and it will help you download the app to your phone (our app – Pumpd).


    Check out these hot 20 selfie photos!selfie-saturday-1 Secure your FREE discount for our site now!selfie-saturday-2


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    LIPO 6 Unlimited 90 Day Challenge Results Revealed

    LIPO 6 Unlimited 90 Day Challenge


    So Unlimited is a phenomenal fat burner and for those of you that come into the store you know I keep 15-20 of these on the shelves and just recently with all the results we have been producing with customers we can barely keep it on the shelves.

    So if you are up to it accept the Lipo 6 Unlimited 90 Day Challenge and lets see what results we can get you! Spring break and summer are getting closer and closer each day.

    Lipo-6 Unlimited Ideal User


    Lipo 6 was such a success that Nutrex wanted to expand the fat burner line and break it up into different levels depending on your fitness level.

    The Lipo Unlimited is the attempt to further gear it towards the niche of the fitness community that are no doubt more the hardcore trainer.

    The feedback and more importantly the results we are producing is crazy!

    You know whats even better??? At only .51 cents (Lipo Unlimited )a serving and there are 60 servings in the bottle man for a fat burner at this level its a steal.

    If you have not taken advantage grab your 5% OFF coupon (Get it now before its taken down!) to the right over there and it will be less than .50 cents a serving.

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    Bodybuilding Motivation On The Pumpd Channel

    Bodybuilding Motivation On The Pumpd Channel For those that needed that little boost I am sharing a video we have loaded on our YouTube channel. Sun isn’t peeking out in Houston but after watching this video and taking my pre-workout my motivation level has shot through the roof! Will be working abs and cardio today […]

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    Isopure Protein: Drink Up to a Healthier Muscular Body

    Isopure Protein: Drink Up to a Healthier Muscular Body Protein is one of the essential nutrients that our body needs to achieve optimum health and it is found in common foods like lean meat, organ meat, beans, soya, legumes, nuts and many more. Isopure protein comes from whey and is manufactured by Nature’s Best. This […]

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